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Our Flavours


Very delicate and perfumed, made with fresh Bergamots from Calabria in Italy. The citrus oil is of the Bergamot is used to give Earl Grey tea its uplifting taste.

Dalemain Silver 2017.png

The distinctive sweet flavour of Sicilian blood oranges contrasts well with fresh, tart passion fruit. This marmalade is so pretty - a lovely orange-red jelly speckled with black passion fruit seeds

Dalemain Silver 2017.png

Refreshing and fragrant, with chunks of crystallised ginger giving layers of flavour and intensity

pink grapefruit_png.png
Dalemain Silver 2015.png

Light and bright, perfect on hot buttered toast


A festive breakfast treat with warming seasonal spices and a touch of rich Muscovado sugar. Clementines are the quitessential Christmas fruit.

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